Taiwanese Culture

Other Considerations

  • The relationship between Taiwan and China is a very sensitive topic. Be considerate of its complexities should it arise in conversations. Many of the younger generation of Taiwanese wish to define themselves as distinct from China as a way to combat possible stereotypes. Allow them this opportunity to express their identity and, to show sensitivity, refer to the People’s Republic of China as ‘mainland China’.
  • Taiwan enforces compulsory military service for all men over the age of 18. They are required to complete one year of national service, with exceptions being made only to those who have heavy family responsibilities, suffer from health issues, are outstanding athletes, or those who apply for a substitute service in lieu of military service.
  • The colours blue and black indicate sadness. White is usually reserved for funerals. Red, yellow, green and pink have positive connotations. However, writing in red is taboo – it was historically used to write bad news or indicate that someone is a blood enemy.
  • Four is considered to be an unlucky number, whereas eight is considered to be the luckiest number.

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