Syrian Culture

Other Considerations

  • Prior to its conflict, Syria had a highly-developed tertiary and secondary education system. The literacy rate of the population is high at 84.2%. It is common for Syrians in Australia to hold degrees and postgraduate qualifications.
  • Most Syrian-born people will have a familiarity with war, violence, oppression and/or harsh authority. Considering these things, be sensitive to the reality that the person you are engaging with may have experienced or witnessed the atrocities of ISIS or DAESH, the Assad regime and the Syrian civil war.
  • If a Syrian has been offended, they will commonly adopt a formal approach to interacting with the offender that is unlike them (short handshakes instead of hugs, less eye contact, etc.). Neglecting to make amends for your errors can jeopardise your relationship with them.
  • The + community is stigmatised in Syria.
  • Syrians are very affectionate to children. For example, it is normal for someone to walk up to a stranger’s child, pick it up and kiss it on the cheek without parental permission.

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