Sri Lankan Culture

Other Considerations

  • Sri Lankans are generally curious about their surroundings and inquire about what they see. They may ask you “Where are you going?” or “What are you doing?” when you ordinarily might not expect the question. These queries are generally harmless. Try to be patient with them in this situation and provide them with brief answers (these should suffice).
  • Many Sri Lankans enjoy watching and/or playing cricket. This is usually a good point of conversation and a way to bond with your Sri Lankan counterpart.
  • Sri Lankans with whom you have a strong relationship may ask you for favours. If you do not think you can fulfil their request, the best way to reply is by remaining non-committal. This involves verbally acknowledging that you heard and understood their request, without giving them cues that it will be pursued.
  • Keep in mind that some Sri Lankans – particularly Tamils – have fled to Australia to escape persecution in their home country. Many have experienced oppression and/or violence directed at their .

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