South Sudanese Culture

Business Culture


  • The South Sudanese may prefer oral communication rather than putting things in writing. 
  • Cash is not the only currency in South Sudan. Objects, labour and livestock are often traded to fulfil business deals.
  • Some South Sudanese people may not have a comprehensive understanding of workplace health and safety systems. As such, they may not report work-related injuries/illnesses or hazards in the workplace if they do not recognise them as such. Furthermore, some may be fearful of the consequences of reporting. 
  • Address all workplace-related problems discreetly to avoid embarrassing the person in question.
  • Some South Sudanese people may expect special consideration on the basis of your personal relationship with them, such as favours for family members, etc. 
  • On the (2017), South Sudan is ranked 179th out of 180 countries, receiving a score of 12 (on a scale from 0 to 100). This perception suggests that the country’s public sector is highly corrupt.

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