Singaporean Culture

Singaporeans in Australia

Singaporean migration to Australia was minimal during the 19th and early 20th century. The population only numbered a few hundred until the mid-1960s. This changed after the relaxation of the as Singaporeans became enabled to migrate without prior family ties in Australia. The Singaporean community has been on the rise since. By 1981, there were over 10,000 Singaporeans in Australia and within 10 years that figure had more than doubled. As of 2016, 60.1% of the Singaporean-born population had arrived since 2007. 


Today, Australia is a popular study destination for many Singaporeans. Many also migrate as skilled migrants. The 2016 census showed that over half (60.9%) of the employed Singapore-born population in Australia work in skilled managerial, professional or trade occupations. The Singaporean community in Australia is incredibly diverse. People belong to various religious, , linguistic and cultural groups. Almost half have Chinese ancestry, yet there are also many of Indian, English and Singaporean ancestry among them. Roughly 50% speak English at home, but 96.4% those that have a different first language (e.g. Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay) are still fluent in English. As of 2016, Victoria had the largest number of Singaporean migrants.

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