Singaporean Culture


Singaporeans are relatively spiritual people. A survey conducted by Gallup Poll showed that 70% see religion to be particularly important to their daily lives.

The 2010 Census showed that 33.9% of Singaporeans are Buddhist, 18.1% are Christian (with 7.1% being Catholic), 14.3% are Muslim, 11.3% are Taoist, 5.2% are Hindu and 0.7% belong to a different religion. Additionally, 16.4% of all Singaporeans do not affiliate with a religion.

Religious orientations in Singapore largely correlate with people’s . Most Malays are Muslim, Indians are generally Hindu (though some are Muslim, Christian or Sikh) and Chinese Singaporeans are largely Buddhist, Taoist or Christian. Some Singaporeans (mostly Chinese Singaporeans) consider themselves affiliated with more than one faith, as Confucianism and Taoism can coincide with other world religions (such as Buddhism).

The younger generations of Singapore tend to blend the older traditions of their religions into more contemporary practices to realistically suit the modern world.

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