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Islam is one of three major global religions that traces its origins to the prophet of Ibrāhīm (Abraham). Islam is strictly , believing in the existence of one and only one God (Allāh in Arabic). The Arabic word islām (literally ‘submission’ or ‘surrender’) reflects the foundational religious idea in Islam; the believer (muslim meaning ‘one who submits’) surrenders to the will of God. The will of God is made known through the sacred scripture, the Qur’ān, which was revealed to God’s messenger and final prophet, Muḥammad.

Today, Islam has the second-largest following in the world, and is found predominantly in the Middle East, Africa as well as South and Southeast Asia. The vast majority of Muslims are Sunnī (‘Traditional’ or ‘’), which is one of two main branches in Islam. Adherents of the second major branch, Shī‘á (Follower of ‘Alī), are found mainly in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain. There are also various other streams and intersections, such as the Ṣūfī tradition, which contribute to the diversity and continual global influence of contemporary Islam.

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