Peruvian Culture


  • Most Peruvian names follow Spanish naming conventions. This is a personal name(s) followed by the father’s family name and their mother’s family name. For example, María ALVAREZ FERNÁNDEZ.
  • Children are often named after their parents or other close relatives. However, only the eldest daughter can be named after the mother.
  • Sometimes, multiple sons may carry their father's first name with different middle names. For instance, three brothers may be named Luis Santiago, Luis Fernando and Luis Miguel.
  • Given names are also often derived from Catholic saints (e.g. Miguel for Saint Michael).
  • Anglicised versions of names are also common, such as the anglicising of Ronaldo to Ronald
  • When a woman marries, she either keeps her maiden name or adds her husband’s surname at the end of her name. The term ‘de’ is added between the two surnames (for example, María ALVAREZ FERNÁNDEZ de GARCIA).

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