Palestinian Culture

Population Statistics

Occupied Palestinian Territories


West Bank




Global Palestinian Population

13.5 mill

The population estimate of the West Bank refers to Palestinians alone and does not include Israeli settlers.

[Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, 2020]


Arabic (spoken by majority)

Hebrew (spoken by some)

English (widely understood)


Islam 98%
Christianity 2%

These figures refer to the religious affiliations of Palestinians in the currently Occupied Territories alone and do not include the religions of Jewish Israeli settlers residing in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

[Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2019]


Palestinian Arab 

There are also approximately 600,000 Jewish Israeli settlers residing in the West Bank and East Jerusalem

Australians with Palestinian Ancestry


[2021 Census, ABS]

Palestinians in Australia



This figure refers to the number of Australian residents identified that they were born in West Bank and Gaza in the 2021 Census. However, the Australian government’s formal records do not reflect the true number of Palestinians living in the country. Please visit Palestinians in Australia for more information.

[2021 Census, ABS]

Median Age


[2016 Census, ABS]


Male 53.9%
Female 46.1%

[2021 Census, ABS]


Islam 49.4%
Eastern Orthodox 17.4%
Catholic 14.9%
No Religion 5.3%
Christianity (nfd) 2.3%
Other Religion 8.5%
No Religion 2.1%

[2021 Census, ABS]


Palestinian 52.8%
Arab 20.1%
North African and Middle Eastern (nfd) 8.2%
German 4.6%
English 4.1%

These are the top ancestry responses of Australian residents born in Gaza Strip and West Bank. Respondents were able to provide up to two answers.

[2021 Census, ABS]

Language Spoken at Home

Arabic 79.2%
English 14.2%
German 2.4%
Other Languages 3.0%

Of those who speak a language other than English at home, 80.8% speak English fluently.

[2021 Census, ABS]


New South Wales 53.3%
Victoria 26.6%
Western Australia 7.1%
Queensland 5.3%
Other 7.7%

[2021 Census, ABS]

Arrival to Australia

Prior to 2000 64.9%
2001 - 2010 14.2%
2011 - 2020 18.2%
2021 0.6%
Not stated 2.3%

[2021 Census, ABS]

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