Pakistani Culture

Pakistanis in Australia

Recent migration from Pakistan to Australia has mostly consisted of professionals arriving under Skilled Migrant Visas with their families. Most have entered the fields of science, technology, engineering and accounting. Some other Pakistanis have come to study in Australia. The general demographic of the Pakistani migrant population is highly educated. At the time of the 2016 census, almost 70% of the Pakistan-born population (aged 15 or over) held some form of higher non-school qualification, and the percentage holding a degree or higher was more than double that of the total Australian population.


In a recent study, approximately 42% of Pakistani men and 35.3% of Pakistani women living in Melbourne reported that they had experienced some sort of racism or prejudice (either explicit or covert) in their workplaces.1 It is reported that female Pakistanis have a somewhat tougher time acculturating to Australia than males. Some find their qualifications in Pakistan are not recognised in Australia. Others may arrive as the spouse of a Pakistani man who has stronger English skills and a professional skill set. This can lead them to become full-time homemakers, which limits their contact with the general Australian community.



1  Iqbal, 2016

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