Mauritian Culture

Mauritians in Australia

Mauritius has a long connection with Australia, which dates back to the establishment of a trading relationship in 1803. Early immigrants to Australia were varied and included convicts, prospectors who came to the Victorian goldfields and skilled sugarcane workers. The latter migrant group were known as ‘sugar men' and made a significant contribution to the development of the Queensland sugar industry. At the end of WWII, migration to Australia recommenced. Most were Franco-Mauritians, mainly due to the .

Over the last 30 years, migration from Mauritius to Australia has steadily increased. Many of these migrants were fluent in English prior to migrating to Australia. Mauritians in Australia often have a hard time finding information about their relatives and heritage in Mauritius, particularly those who are of Creole background. Many Mauritians participate in the activities of the broader French community while also staying involved in community groups related to their heritage such as African, Indian and Chinese.

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