Maltese Culture



  • Communication Style: Maltese tend to speak loudly and expressively. Subtle ways of communicating (such as whispering) are quite rare. 
  • Direct Communication: Maltese are generally , often speaking their minds in a humourous way.
  • Humour: Maltese are quite humorous and enjoy jokes. Humour tends to be light-hearted and is often expressed through telling stories.


  • Personal Space: The Maltese tend to keep less personal space, often sitting or standing quite close to one another,
  • Physical Contact: The Maltese tend to be quite and affectionate people. Hugging, kissing and back-slapping in public are common. 
  • Eye Contact: Maltese usually hold eye contact during conversation.
  • Gestures: The Maltese use a variety of gestures in conversation. Quickly lifting your thumb, index and middle fingers of your right hand means ‘how are you’.

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