Maltese Culture


Basic Etiquette

  • People tend to dress formally and modestly.
  • Hats should be removed when entering a person’s home or a church.


  • Many Maltese enjoy socialising in each other’s homes.
  • An invitation into someone’s home for tea or dinner is considered a special and non-routine occasion.
  • It is considered polite to arrange a visit in advance.
  • Hosts will generally offer a drink and light refreshments (cakes, biscuits or sandwiches) to their guests.
  • If invited to a meal, guests often bring a gift of wine, chocolate or flowers.


  • To indicate one has finished their meal, the fork and knife are placed parallel on the plate.
  • Most families eat meals together. This varies depending on school and work commitments.
  • Breakfast and lunch are often light meals.
  • Dinner is the largest meal of the day and often contains numerous courses. 
  • Hands should be kept above the table.

Gift giving

  • Gifts are normally open in front of the giver when received.
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  • Population
    [July 2016 est.]
  • Languages
    Maltese (official) (90.1%)
    English (official) (6.0%)
    Other (0.9%)
    [2005 est.]
  • Religions
    Roman Catholic Christianity (official)
  • Ethnicities
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Australians with Maltese Ancestry
    175,555 [2016 census]
Maltese in Australia
  • Population
    [2016 census]
    This figure refers to the number of Australian residents that were born in Malta.
  • Average Age
  • Gender
    Male (50.9%)
    Female (49.1%)
  • Religion
    Roman Catholic Christianity (91.6%)
    Anglican Christianity (1.0%)
    Other (2.8%)
    No religion (2.7%)
    Not stated (1.8%)
  • Ancestry
    Maltese (85.8%)
    English (6.2%)
    Australian (1.3%)
    Other (3.5%)
    Not stated (3.3%)
  • Language Spoken at Home
    Maltese (57.1%)
    English (40.7%)
    Italian (1.0%)
    Other (0.4%)
    Not stated (0.9%)
    Of those who speak a language other than English at home, 88.1% speak English fluently.
  • Diaspora
    Victoria (47.8%)
    New South Wales (38.4%)
    Queensland (6.4%)
    South Australia (3.8%)
  • Arrival to Australia
    Prior to 2001 (93.8%)
    2001-2006 (0.9%)
    2007-2011 (0.9%)
Country Flag Country Malta