Lebanese Culture

Do's and Don'ts

  • If it arises, offer sympathy to the situation in their home country as they naturally respond well to warmth.
  • Act politely and respectfully around a Lebanese person who is older than you.
  • If you can, be open with them about yourself and your life. The Lebanese appreciate when people are personal about themselves. 
  • Expect a Lebanese person to act by their word. They usually speak very sincerely and openly.
  • If a favour is asked of you, agree to do it and try to follow through with it as much as you can; the Lebanese almost always agree to help each other. If you are unable to complete the favour, your Lebanese counterpart will still see your initial agreement as a testimony that you tried and understand that you do truly value their friendship. 

  • Do not say anything that could be taken as insulting or derogatory. A good way to avoid this is to take an approach towards corrective remarks, being sure to include praise of their good points to minimise tarnishing their honour.
  • Avoid being stringent about time and punctuality as they are more relaxed in those areas.
  • Avoid being reluctant to accept favours. It is best to graciously accept them and return the favour later.

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