Lao Culture

Other Considerations

  • In Laos, it is considered unacceptable for women to smoke cigarettes. This is mainly due to a general misconception that women smoking cigarettes are wild or ill-mannered. For some, this misconception goes further to imply that the woman is a prostitute. However, it is considered acceptable for men to smoke.
  • Consider what attire you wear if you are visiting a house or temple. Singlets with thin straps that expose your shoulders, skirts or shorts that sit above the knee or not wearing a shirt are sometimes considered lacking modesty and too revealing in Laos.
  • In the 18th century, Thailand (formerly Siam Kingdom) invaded Laos (formerly Lan Xang Kingdom). The country endured a massive loss of resources, people, artistic knowledge and land. Moreover, Laos was portrayed by some Thai as a low-class society. Thus, there is some tension between the two countries that persists today. Nonetheless, the current relationship between the two countries has become friendlier.

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