Iranian Culture

Dates of Significance

National Holidays

  • Revolution Day (11th of February)
  • Oil Nationalisation Day (19th of March)
  • Nowruz – Persian New Year (21st of March)
  • Islamic Republic Day (31st of March)
  • Sizdah Be Dar – Nature Day (1st of April)
  • Anniversary of Khomeini’s Death (4th of June)
  • Revolt of Khordad 15 (5th of June)

Islamic Dates

The following Shi’a Muslim dates of significance are based on the Islamic lunar calendar, and so the dates on the Gregorian calendar vary from year to year.

  • Martyrdom of Fatima
  • Birthday of Imam Husayn
  • Prophet’s Ascension
  • Imam Mahdi’s birthday
  • Ashura – Martyrdom of Imam Husayn
  • Eid-e-Fitr – end of Ramadan
  • Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq
  • Eid-e-Ghorban – Feast of Sacrifice
  • Eid-al-Ghadir
  • Tassoua
  • Arbaeen
  • Martyrdom of Imam Reza
  • Birthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadeq

Bahá’í Dates

  • Ayyam-i-ha (26th of February to 1st of March)
  • Bahá’í fasting month (2nd to 20th of March)
  • Naw-Ruz (21st of March)
  • Festival of Ridivan (21st of April to 2nd of May)
  • Declaration of Bab (23rd of May)
  • Ascension of Baha’u’llah (29th of May)
  • Martyrdom of the Bab (9th of July)
  • Birth of the Bab (20th of October)
  • Birth of Baha’u’llah (12th of November)
  • Day of the Covenant (26th of November)
  • Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’ (28th of November)

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