Indonesian Culture

Other Considerations

  • Dogs are considered unclean in Indonesia and are not usually well liked or kept as pets.
  • Indonesians can perceive Westerners as being too aggressive, driven by money and taking themselves too seriously. The mainstream tourism on some Indonesian islands has developed a stereotype of Australians in particular as ‘party animals’ who are heavy drinkers and inconsiderate of local customs or traditions. It is important to respect customs of modesty and courtesy to avoid being perceived in the same way.
  • Indonesians can be reluctant to admit that they do not know answers to questions, which can cause misunderstandings. For example, an Indonesian may give incorrect directions instead of admitting that they do not know the route to the place you need to go.
  • Indonesian men sometimes grow a few of their nails very long as a way of indicating that they are a non-manual labourer or are above the working class.

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