Indian Culture

Other Considerations

  • You may find some questions Indians ask to be quite forward or frank by Western expectations (e.g. ‘How much do you earn?’). However, these kinds of questions are commonplace in India.
  • Westerners may feel awkward having people clean up after them or do things for them they can do themselves (e.g. open car doors for them). In India, however, offering to help a cleaner or insisting you can do something yourself can seriously offend a person of service.
  • India has the world’s largest democracy, which is an impressive feat. Indians are often proud that their population of over a billion people have the freedom to participate in electing their government.
  • India’s  independence from the British Raj in 1947 is deeply associated with the partition of India and Pakistan. This was a traumatic event for many people who resided in the Punjab region. When interacting with someone from this part of India, it is important to be extremely sensitive to the pains associated with Partition.

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