Fijian Culture

Other Considerations

  • Expect most businesses to close on Sunday, as it is the day many people attend church.
  • Interaction between men and women who are not married or related is kept modest. They usually avoid being seen walking together if they go to the same place, with the woman falling in step behind the man instead of next to him.
  • Women rarely have a licence or learn to drive in Fiji.
  • Alcohol may be banned in some villages of Fiji and not drunk publicly. Some Fijians may have a low tolerance to alcohol in which case the drinking culture of Australia can be a shock.
  • Every village has a ‘ladies’ area. This is a private place only women may enter. Entering the ladies’ area without permission warrants punishment by the chief.
  • Rugby is a point of unity for Fijian society. The love of the game and support of the national team is shared across all cultural, and religious barriers.

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