Fijian Culture

Do's and Don'ts

  • Be patient and accept the slower pace of ‘Fiji time’. Fijians tend to find it easier to be kept waiting and generally don’t get edgy around punctuality.
  • Expect to be asked where you are going when you meet people. This question is generally more common than being asked “How are you?” when you see someone on the street.
  • Be careful how much you praise an object in a Fijian home. Sometimes, they may feel obliged to give it to you – whether they actually want to part with it or not.
  • Expect someone of the opposite gender to give you a moderate amount of distance. 
  • Make an effort to be especially polite and respectful when addressing those older than you.
  • It is best practice to wear modest clothing. In Fiji, shorts and skirts usually go to the length of the knee and bare shoulders are rarely shown. 
  • Respect people’s faiths and join in whenever there is a blessing (i.e. before eating) or a group prayer. 

  • Avoid losing your temper in public or raising your voice if you get emotional. It is uncommon for people to get worked up about things in front of strangers.
  • Do not criticise Fiji in an unnecessary way or point out social problems (such as poverty, bribery or domestic violence) without offering a solution. Fijians can be proud of their tropical country and will likely find negative opinions to be close-minded and/or misinformed. 
  • Do not pressure a Fijian to drink alcohol if they give an initial refusal. 
  • Avoid shouting, running or causing a scene in a village. Remain calm and quiet.

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