Fijian Culture

Dates of Significance

  • New Year’s Day (1st of January)
  • National Sports Day (24th of June)
  • Bula Festival (July)
  • Constitution Day (7th of September)
  • Fiji Day (10th of October)

Official Christian Holidays
  • Easter (Varies every year)
  • Christmas Day (25th of December)
  • Boxing Day (26th of December)

Official Hindu Holidays
  • Holi (Varies every year)
  • Diwali (Varies every year)

Official Islamic Holidays
  • Birthday of the Prophet Mohammad (Sunni Muslims observe the prophet Mohammed’s birthday on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi’al-awwal, while Shi’a Muslims mark it on the 17th of the same month)

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