Egyptian Culture

Egyptians in Australia

Immigration from Egypt to Australia remained relatively low up until the early 20th century. The Egypt-born population significantly increased after World War II, with many seeking to escape the growing Arab nationalist movement in Egypt. Indeed, the Egypt-born population increased from 500 people in 1933 to 8,000 in 1954.1 Many who migrated during this wave secured employment as translators and interpreters for the Australian government due to their multilingual skills.

Today, most of the Egypt-born population in Australia arrived prior to 1976. Most of the Egyptians who have arrived in Australia in recent years are urbanised and well educated, often migrating due to the shortage of skilled employment opportunities in their home country. Indeed, out if the 15,464 Egypt-born who are employed, over half (54.3%) were employed in either a skilled managerial, professional or trade occupation (2011). Moreover, 35% of the Egypt-born population in Australia have a university degree or higher. Some migrants arrive under the family migration scheme.

1Stephanie Ho, Sydney Journal, 2009. 


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  • Population
    [2016 est.]
  • Languages
    Arabic [official]
  • Religions
    Islam [predominantly Sunni] (90.0%)
    Coptic Orthodox Christianity (9.0%)
    Other Christianity (1.0%)
    [2015 est.]
  • Ethnicities
    Egyptian (99.6%)
    Other (0.4%)
    [2006 census]
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Australians with Egyptian Ancestry
    50,517 [2016 census]
Egyptians in Australia
  • Population
    [2016 census]
    This figure refers to the number of Australian residents that were born in Egypt.
  • Average Age
  • Gender
    Male (52.0%)
    Female (48.0%)
  • Religion
    Oriental Orthodox Christianity (36.2%)
    Catholic Christianity (21.9%)
    Eastern Orthodox Christianity (14.8%)
    Islam (12.9%)
    Other (14.3%)
  • Ancestry
    Egyptian (47.1%)
    Greek (13.6%)
    Italian (6.6%)
    Maltese (4.4%)
    Other (28.3%)
  • Language Spoken at Home
    Arabic (56.0%)
    English (20.3%)
    Greek (10.3%)
    Italian (6.8%)
    Other (6.7%)
    Of those who speak a language other than English at home, 88.7% speak English fluently.
  • Diaspora
    New South Wales (50.4%)
    Victoria (34.2%)
    Queensland (5.7%)
    Western Australia (5.1%)
  • Arrival to Australia
    Prior to 2001 (75.9%)
    2001-2006 (10.1%)
    2007-2011 (10.3%)
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