Colombian Culture

Other Considerations

  • The Colombian sense of time is quite fluid. Therefore, consider that things may occur later than expected. For example, a promise to do something “tomorrow” can often mean that they will perform it in the near future, perhaps next week.
  • Colombians generally have positive opinions of Australia. However, consider that they may resent the English-speaking West’s involvement in their country’s affairs. The United States in particular has intervened in conflicts and the struggle to combat the drug trade at varying times. This has been unpopular amongst the Colombian public, who wish to address their challenges internally.
  • Whistling and catcalling are quite common in Colombia.
  • Being a deeply Catholic country, there are some social prohibitions. The topic of sex and sexuality is a generally taboo subject.
  • Many Colombians have had to move into cities as a result of the violence in rural provinces. Internal displacement has been a huge problem for the country. Many of these rural-urban migrants have lost links to their original communities, either because of their destruction or loss of contact. This can be very difficult for some.

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