Canadian Culture

Canadians in Australia

Since both Australia and Canada were both British colonies, the nineteenth century was characterised by a small, yet fluid, migration between the colonies at every level of society. For example, many of Australia's governors had prior postings in Canada, which influenced the administration of their Australian roles. While many immigrants were exiles, who were transported to Australia after the political rebellion in Canada. Technology transfer and re-migration were the main drivers of early migration between the colonies. For example, the gold rush brought scores of innovative Canadians to Australia who introduced telegraphic systems, among other things. Moreover, Canadian technology in gold mining and large-scale mining assisted Australia's mining industries.

Migration from Canada remained low until post-WWII when many Australian aircrews who were based in Canada brought brides home with them. There were also large numbers of migration in the mid-20th century with the increase of professionals who entered under the Skilled Migration Program or transferred to Australia as employees of international firms with little intention to become permanent residents. 

Migration from Canada slowed in the coming period due to increased labour demands in Canada. Nonetheless, steady numbers of Canadians continue to migrate to Australia, mainly under Skilled and Family Migration categories. Organisations such as the Canada Club assist the Canadian community to maintain cultural ties through upholding long-held traditions and events such as Canadian Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. 

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