Cambodian Culture

Other Considerations

  • Consider what attire you are wearing if you are visiting a school or house. Singlets with thin straps that expose your shoulders, skirts that sit above the knee or not wearing a shirt are sometimes considered too revealing in Cambodia. Moreover, you will not be allowed inside a temple if your shoulders or knees are exposed.
  • The terms ‘Khmer’ and ‘Cambodian’ are used interchangeably in most contexts. One important exception is when referring to the Khmer Rouge, whereby it would be incorrect to call it ‘the Cambodian Rouge’.
  • In Cambodia, the question ‘where are you going?’ is often used in the same way the phrase ‘how are you?’ is used in Australia. It is not necessarily a literal enquiry about your destination but rather used as a way to ask about your well-being. An acceptable response would be ‘just down the road’.

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