Brazilian Culture

Other Considerations

  • Be cautious not to boast about the standard of institutions in Australia. Some Brazilians may think of Australia and Brazil as having perceived similarities, such as climate and geography. ‘Talking up’ Australia may be considered offensive.
  • The Carnaval is one of Brazil’s biggest events and begins approximately a week before Ash Wednesday, entailing widespread celebrations of an indulgent nature. Although the event has Christian and pagan origins, it is now considered a secular event. The festivities occur day and night for days on end, sometimes exceeding a week. Characteristics of Carnaval are vibrant colours, parades, energetic music and dance and grandiose costumes. The event allows people to hide aspects of their identity, such as gender, ethnicity, social and economic status, and thus temporarily escape the discrimination often experienced by those groups. It is a time of the year when the country unites and celebrates together.

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