Bosnian Culture

Other Considerations

  • Not all people from Bosnia call their language “Bosnian”. People of different may identify as speaking Croatian, Serbian or Serbo-Croatian even though it is essentially the same language with differences in pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • It is common and acceptable to smoke cigarettes in almost all public places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • There is a local and religious belief in the evil eye in Bosnia. Some people may wear talismans to ward off jealousy and misfortune.
  • There is a common belief in Bosnia that a slight draft, cross-breeze or wind can carry misfortune – ‘promaha’. For example, people may think that they can catch a bad illness from the breeze travelling between two open windows, having wet hair in the wind or feeling a slight draft if they have a gap between the back of their shirt and trousers/skirt.

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