Bosnian Culture


  • In Bosnia, the family name comes before the personal name (e.g. KAČIĆ Ivan). This naming convention is common across Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats.
  • Surnames may have the suffix ‘-ić’. Bosnian family names may end in ‘-begović’.
  • Family names are typically passed down through the male side of the family. Wives will often take their husband’s family name upon marriage. Some may add their husband’s name to their own. For example, if ALIĆ Branka married KAČIĆ Ivan, she may be KAČIĆ Branka or ALIĆ-KAČIĆ Branka.
  • Bosnian names often reflect their . For example, Bosniaks often may have a name with an Islamic or Turkish origin, such as ‘Mustafagić’ (Mustafa).

This information was produced by the United Kingdom Government as part of the Guide to Names and Naming Practices (2006).

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