Bosnian Culture


  • It is important to stand up to greet someone. To greet whilst sitting implies a lack of interest in the person and disrespect.
  • The common greeting is a handshake among acquaintances.
  • Among friends, Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats may give one another a light kiss on each cheek. Bosnian Serbs tend to kiss three times, alternating cheeks.
  • Young people may greet elders by kissing their hand.
  • If greeting multiple people, address the oldest person first and so on.
  • The common verbal greeting in Bosnia is “Zdravo” (Hello).
  • Muslims may greet one another by saying ‘merhaba’ (welcome, I greet you as a friend) or ‘selam-alejkum’ (peace be with you).
  • Bosnians may greet one another with the question “Kako si?” (How are you?). The common response is to say, “To thank God, very well” and return the question.

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