Bosnian Culture

Dates of Significance

  • New Year's Day (1-2nd of January)
  • Republika Srpska National Day* (9th of January) – Republika Srpska
  • Independence Day (1st of March) – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • May Day (1st of May)
  • Victory Day (9th of May) – Republika Srpska
  • Dayton Agreement Day (21st of November) – Republika Srpska 
  • National Statehood Day (25th of November) – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Muslim (Bosniak)

  • Kurban Bajram – Islamic Feast of Sacrifice (Varies each year)
  • Ramazanski Bajram – end of Ramadan (Varies each year, in June) 

Roman Catholic Christian (Croat)

  • Gregorian Easter (Varies each year in April)
  • All Saints Day (1st of November)
  • Gregorian Christmas (25th of December)


Orthodox Christian (Serb)

  • Easter (Varies each year in April)
  • Christmas (6-7th of January)


* The Constitutional Court ruled that this holiday was discriminatory and unconstitutional. However, many citizens of the Republika Srpska have ignored this warning and continue to celebrate it.

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