Bangladeshi Culture


  • The way people address one another varies depending on the age difference between them.
  • Differences in age and status are marked through language conventions. Individuals of a higher status are not addressed by personal name but rather with a title or kinship term.
  • The terms ‘sister’, ‘brother’, ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ are used often among friends, colleagues and family members.
  • Men may shake hands if they are of equal status. This handshake tends to be held quite softly.
  • Respect is expressed after a handshake by placing one’s right hand over one’s heart.
  • Women and men rarely shake hands with one another.
  • Personal interactions are often initiated with the greeting ‘Assalam Waleykum’ (‘peace be with you’), to which the expected response is, ‘Waleykum Assalam' (‘and with you’).

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