Australian Culture


  • Australian naming conventions arrange names with the given name before the family name.
  • Most Australian given names are chosen based on aesthetic appeal, but many popular ones still have biblical roots. More recently, it has been the  trend for Australians to choose names that they find uncommon. These are usually names that are unconventional to Western society and are thus seen as ‘exotic’, or sometimes they are variations of a western name with a different spelling.
  • Australians form nicknames for each other by abbreviating the name to a minimal amount of syllables (e.g. Barry becomes Baz, Michael becomes Mike). However, Australians also create ‘Australianised’ nicknames that are not purposed for abbreviations (e.g. Andy becomes Ando). These are often used within close friendships to emphasise mateship.
  • Older Australians may refer to others as “mate” or “love” without knowing them very closely.

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