Argentine Culture

Argentines in Australia

Throughout most of the 20th century, migration from Argentina to Australia was relatively uncommon. This changed during the 1970s when there was a significant decline in Argentina's economy and standard of living due to political turmoil. Many Argentines left the country seeking better living conditions. At this time, most Argentines arrived under Australia's assisted migration program. The majority came from urban areas in Argentina and settled in Australia's capitals of Sydney and Melbourne.

The 2016 Australian Housing and Population census recorded over 13,000 Argentine residents in Australia. This community is diverse. The majority have Italian (23.3%) or Spanish (20.6%) heritage, and there are also some with Polish, German, French, Russian and British ancestry. The Argentina-born population in Australia is also generally well-educated, with 63.8% having completed some form of higher qualification, and over half (52.4%) are employed in a skilled managerial, professional or trade occupation.

Australia also has a high number of short-term visitors from Argentina. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (2017), there were 18,775 short-term Argentine visitors in 2016 and 2017. Moreover, 908 Argentines were studying in Australia as of October 2017.

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  • Population
    [2017 est.]
  • Languages
    Spanish (official)
    Indigenous (Mapudungun, Quechua)
  • Religions
    Roman Catholic Christianity (92%)
    Protestant Christianity (2%)
    Jewish (2%)
    Other (4%)
  • Ethnicities
    European (mostly Spanish and Italian descent) and mestizo (mixed European and Amerindian ancestry) (97.2%)
    Amerindian (2.4%)
    African (0.4%)
    [2010 est.]
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Australians with Argentine Ancestry
    12,097 [2016 census]
Argentine in Australia
  • Population
    [2016 est.]
    This figure refers to the number of Australian residents that were born in Argentina.
  • Average Age
  • Gender
    Male (47.9%)
    Female (52.1%)
  • Religion
    Catholic Christianity (62.5%)
    Christian [nfd] (3.3%)
    Other (14.8%)
    No Religion (16.3%)
    Not stated (3.1%)
  • Ancestry
    Argentinian (30.1%)
    Italian (23.3%)
    Spanish (20.6%)
    South American (3.2%)
    Other (22.7%)
  • Language Spoken at Home
    Spanish (74.1%)
    English (19.0%)
    Italian (4.3%)
    Other (2.1%)
    Not stated (0.6%)
    Of those who speak a language other than English at home, 89.6% speak English fluently.
  • Diaspora
    New South Wales (47.9%)
    Victoria (30.4%)
    Queensland (10.2%)
    Western Australia (5.2%)
  • Arrival to Australia
    Prior to 2001 (78.8%)
    2001-2006 (10.5%)
    2007-2011 (8.1%)
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