Afghan Culture

Dates of Significance

Islamic Dates

Islamic dates of significance are based on the Islamic lunar calendar. Therefore, the actual dates vary from year to year. Some important dates include:

  • Night Journey – Isra and Miraj (Typically in April)
  • End of Ramadan – Eid ul-Fitr (Typically in May)
  • Feast of Sacrifice – Eid ul-Adha (Typically in June)
  • Day of Arafa (Typically in August)
  • Day of Ashura (Typically in September)
  • Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad – Mouloud (Typically in November)
  • Night of Decree – Lailat-Ul-Qadr


National Dates

  • Liberation Day (15th of February*)
  • Persian New Year – i(Varies every year)
  • Mujahideen Victory Day (28th of April)
  • Worker’s Day (1st of May)
  • Remembrance Day for and Disabled (4th of May)
  • Independence Day (19th of August)
  • Children’s Day (30th of August)
  • Massound Day (9th of September)


* Soviet troops officially withdrew on this day. Its celebration varies each year in accordance with its mark on the Islamic lunar calendar (26th day of the Islamic month of Dalwa).

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